Glide vs Marco Polo

When mobile phones came out, it was only voice to voice phone calls.  Text messaging came in and people still use it everyday.  Now, we have the option of video messenger.  It’s so cool!  Deaf people from all over the world are taking an advantage of video messenger.  First, let me explain what is video messenger.  Video messenger allows you to send and receive video messages that can be seen live while you are recording or later just like a text message.  One advantage of having video messenger application on your phone is that you can send or watch a message whenever you want.

There’s plenty of video messenger applications.  But I would like to share two of my favorite video messenger applications that I use all the times.  They are Glide and Marco Polo.  There’s a lot of similarity in both applications.  One disadvantage of Glide is that there is a five minute limit for video texting as opposed to Marco Polo which have no time limit for video texting.  Most importantly, they are deaf friendly! Even better, you can download them for free from your phone’s application store.

According to what Glide mentioned on their website, Glide offers a visual medium for messaging, it’s become a hit with the deaf and hard of hearing community around the world.  It goes for Marco Polo, too!


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